Vaclav HLAVAC, Professor, born 1956
Head of the Center for Machine Perception
(nickname Vasek, pronounced Vashek in the English transcription)

Czech Technical University in Prague
Czech Institute of Informatics, Cybernetics, and Robotics (CIIRC) and
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Cybernetics (FEL)
121 35 Prague 2, Karlovo namesti 13, Czech Republic
Fax: + 420 224 357 385, Phone: + 420 224 357 465, Mobile: +420 603 149 689
H-index WoS = 9; H-index Scopus = 11

Current Position: Professor of engineering cybernetics; head of the Center Machine Perception spanning FEL and CIIRC; deputy director of CIIRC;
Research Interests: Computer vision, reconstruction of 3D scenes from 2D images, analysis of videosekvences,  pattern recognition with emphasis to relation between statistical and structural methods, cognitive robotics, robotic manipuulation of soft materials, industrial and other applications of the above.
Current projects: Look at running projects web of CIIRC.

Qualification: 1981 graduated Ing. (similar to MSc.) in control engineering from the CTU Prague; 1982 PhD student at the CTU, since 1983 teaching position, 1987 PhD from the CTU (Analysis of the integrated circuits images); 1990 head of the Computer Vision Laboratory, 1992 Associate Professor; 1996 head of the Center for Machine Perception of the CTU, 1998 Professor.

Five selected Publications:

Šonka M., Hlaváč, V., Boyle R.: Image Processing, Understanding, and Machine Vision, 4th edition Cengage Learning 2015, pp. 912 (1st edition Chapman & Hall, London 1993; 2nd edition PWS Boston, 1998, 3rd edition Thomson, Toronto 2008; Chinese translation 2003).

Schlesinger M.I., Hlaváč V.: Ten lectures on statistical and syntactic pattern recognition, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2002, 521 p.; Russian translation 2004.

Antoniuk K., Franc V., Hlaváč V.: V-shaped interval insensitive loss for ordinal classification. Machine Learning. Volume 103, Issue 2, May 2016, pp 261-283.

Zárybnická M., Kubizňák P., Šindelář J., Hlaváč V.: Smart nest box: a tool and methodology for monitoring of cavity-dwelling animals. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Wiley. Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2016, pp. 483-492. .

Shekhovtsov A., Hlavac V.: A Distributed Mincut/Maxflow Algorithm Combining Path Augmentation and Push-Relabel, International Journal of Computer Vision,  Vol. 104, Issue 3, Sept. 2013, pp. 315-342.

Teaching or tutorial presentations: While teaching and writing textbooks I created several teaching or tutorial presentations. The files with presentations in pdf are available in English and/or in Czech. I am updating these pages when presentations are created or updated..
We also maintain MATLAB exercises code for computer vision, see

Other Links: Publications from 1994 (searchable), Publications 1984-1998 (.pdf)
Alumni - my former PhD, MSc and Bc students.
ORCID ID, ResearcherID: D-9415-2014, Scopus Author ID: 55897406200
Personal: Children: son Vaclav *1978, daughter Anna *1990, son Jaroslav *1992, granddaughter Johana *2008, grandson Vitezslav *2011.

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