Tomas Werner

Center for Machine Perception (CMP)
Department of Cybernetics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University
Karlovo namesti 13, 12135 Praha 2, Czech Republic
E-mail: werner(at)
Fax +420-2-2435-7224, tel. office +420-2-2435-5723

Research Interests Computer vision, geometry of multiple views, Markov random fields, constraint satisfaction and optimisation, machine learning.
Past Projects Marie Curie Individual Fellowship HPMF-CT-2000-00975 (Univ. of Oxford)
INTAS 04-77-7347 PRINCESS (Principles of Dissimilarity-Based Pattern Recognition in Signals, Symbolic Sequences and Images)
FP6-IST-004176 COSPAL (Cognitive Systems using Perception-Action Learning)
FP7-ICT-215078 DIPLECS (Dynamic Interactive Perception-action Learning in Cognitive Systems)
GACR P103/10/0783 (Structure and Its Impact for Recognition)
FP7-ICT-270138 DARWIN (Dexterous Assembler Robot Working with embodied Intelligence)
Current Projects GACR P202/12/2071 (Structured Statistical Models for Image Understanding)
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Selected publications

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Markov random fields, constraint satisfaction and optimization

3D computer vision Automated architecture reconstruction (done during my stay at Visual Geometry Group, U of Oxford, UK in 2001-2)

Software I wrote