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Reconstruction Using RECX

Tomas Pajdla, Jan Burianek, Tomas Werner, Jan Cernik

RECX is a software system, developed in CMP, which allows manual marking points of interest/correspondences/polygons in an image sequence, and 3D reconstruction.
See research report Werner, Tomas; Pajdla, Tomas; Urban, Martin. REC3D: Toolbox for 3D Reconstruction from Uncalibrated 2D Views. [, PostScript].

Reconstruction was done in the following steps:

  1. Corresponding points were marked by mouse in three sequence images.
  2. Polygons were marked, each in one image.
  3. Projective reconstruction via trifocal tensor was done.
  4. Proj. rec. was upgraded to a Euclidean reconstruction using Pollefeys et. al algorithm (ICCV98).
  5. VRML1 model extracted. Texture warped from the marked polygons.

Two images from the sequence (total 7 images):
Reconstructed scene:


VRML1 model [11kB wireframe, 130kB textured]
(The texture is warped via affine transformation, supported by VRML, which causes its distortion – see e.g. the front wall.)
more advanced VRML1 model [310kB wireframe, 1MB textured]
(The texture is warped correctly due to approximating planar patches by small triangles.)

AVI animation


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