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About us

The Center for Machine Perception (CMP) is a research unit focussing on computer vision, pattern recognition, and mathematics. The CMP, headed by Professor Vaclav Hlavac, has about 50 staff members, 3 visitors, 26 Phd students, 50 MSc and Bc students and 39 collaborators. The CMP is part of the Miracle Center of Excellence (funding: EU 5th framework) and of the national Centre of Applied Cybernetics. The CMP participates in a number of EU-funded and national projects.



Karlovo namesti 13, Prague 2,
Czech Republic


Head: Prof. Ing. Vaclav Hlavac, CSc.
Deputy head: Doc. Ing. Radim Sara Dr. Tech.
Administrator: RNDr. Eva Matyskova

Mailing address:

Center for Machine Perception
Czech Technical University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Cybernetics
Technicka 2, 166 27 Praha 6,
Czech Republic

tel: +420 2 24357637
fax: +420 2 24357385