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About us

The Center for Machine Perception (CMP) is a research unit focussing on computer vision, pattern recognition, and mathematics. The CMP, headed by Professor Vaclav Hlavac, has about 48 staff members, 16 visitors, 29 Phd students, 170 MSc and Bc students and 64 collaborators. The CMP is part of the Miracle Center of Excellence (funding: EU 5th framework) and of the national Centre of Applied Cybernetics. The CMP participates in a number of EU-funded and national projects.



Karlovo namesti 13, Prague 2,
Czech Republic


Head: Prof. Ing. Vaclav Hlavac, CSc.
Deputy head: Doc. Ing. Radim Sara Dr. Tech.
Administrator: RNDr. Eva Matyskova

Mailing address:

Center for Machine Perception
Czech Technical University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Cybernetics
Technicka 2, 166 27 Praha 6,
Czech Republic

tel: +420 2 24357637
fax: +420 2 24357385