BeNoGo - "Being There - Without Going"

Project FP5 EU No. IST-2001-39184, 2002-2005

New recording and visualisation technologies for virtual presence.
CMP contributes to space-time volume (lightfield, lumigraph)
acquisition and its rendering by non-central cameras.

Contact person @ The Center for Machine Perception:

Tomas Pajdla,,

S. Peleg's non-central
image of clocks
Project page, Objectives of the project, Technical Annex
Partners: (mailing list) Aalborg University [Aalborg, Esbjerg] (DK), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL), Napier University (UK), University od Bremen (D)




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CTU Team

Tomas Pajdla CTU Team leader
Hynek Bakstein bakstein@cmp.felk.cvut.czPrincipal researcher
Daniel Vecerka Software & hardware
Jiri Bittner bittner@fel.cvut.czComputer graphics
Eva Matyskova matyskov@cmp.felk.cvut.czAdministration
Daniel Martinec martid1@cmp.felk.cvut.czCamera tracking
Branislav Micusik micusb1@cmp.felk.cvut.czPanoramic vision