IS = { zkontrolovano 27 Jan 2015 },
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  Venue = {Prague, Czech Republic},
  annote = {This paper presents an approach for detecting object on
                  video sequences by a Wide-baseline Stereo Matching
                  task. The video is decomposed on frames and then
                  matched against the searched object model. The model
                  is built from the set of images provided as
                  input. The object representation allows efficient
                  matching with the frames of the video. In this
                  application, we present detection of landmark
                  buildings captured in different time and points of
                  view. Frames are regarded as relevant whether the
                  number of inlier matched features is higher than a
                  threshold, which is estimated running experiments
                  over a ground truth of manually annotated
                  videos. The detection performance of the model
                  representation is presented with precision/recall
                  curves and compared with two different
                  representation: Feature set from a single image and
                  a union of features sets detected on the object's
                  images without filtering. Experiments reveal that
                  models built from selected features speed up the
                  matching and improve the performance on detection.},
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