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  annote = {As a natural generalization of a measure space, Butnariu
    and Klement introduced T-tribes of fuzzy sets with T-measures.
    They made the first steps towards a characterization of monotonic
    real-valued T-measures for a Frank triangular norm T. Later
    on, Mesiar and the authors of this paper found independently two
    generalizations, one for vector-valued T-measures with respect
    to Frank t-norms (in particular for nonmonotonic ones), the other
    for monotonic real-valued T-measures with respect to general
    strict t-norms. Here we present a common generalization---a
    characterization of nonmonotonic T-measures with respect to an
    arbitrary strict t-norm. Moreover, we prove this for vector-valued
    T-measures. Using their characterization, we generalize Ljapunov
    Theorem to this context.  },
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