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  annote = {In surgical interventions, miniature metallic tools such
    as thin electrodes and needles are introduced in tissue.  Tracking
    systems are used to estimate their precise position. In this paper
    we describe an algorithm that exploits a three-dimensional
    ultrasound image and raw radio-frequency (RF) signal to determine
    the position of a thin, metallic electrode in biological
    tissue. We assume that electrode appears in 3D ultrasound image as
    a bright, elongated region. To estimate its position, a
    mathematical model of the region was established. It approximates
    the electrode axis with a polynomial curve. The voxel intensity
    distribution near the ray axis was determined from acquired RF
    signals. The model parameters are estimated by the RANSAC
    estimator. Finally, the electrode endpoints are located. The
    method was tested on real ultrasound data of a phantom with a thin
    tungsten electrode inserted. The results of experiments show that
    the method is stable even if the data are very noisy.},
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