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  annote = {In medical applications, miniature surgical instruments
    such as needles, or electrodes are introduced into human body. The
    position of instrument in tissue can be estimated using 3D
    ultrasound. In previous publications, we introduced two novel
    algorithms for automatic electrode localization from 3D ultrasound
    images. The first method is based on the Parallel Integral
    Projection (PIP) transform, a modification of the Radon
    transform. We showed that the axis of the electrode can be
    estimated from the maximum of PIP transformation. To accelerate
    search for the maximum, a hierarchical mesh-grid algorithm is
    implemented. In second method, the electrode axis is described by
    a cubic polynomial. The distribution of voxel intensities inside
    the electrode region is a priori estimated from acquired data. The
    model parameters are robustly estimated using the RANSAC
    estimator. In this paper, their performance in terms of accuracy
    is compared. A series of tests on numerical phantoms created with
    the FIELD II simulation program were performed to quantitatively
    evaluate the localization accuracy. We observed a decrease in
    accuracy when artificial noise was added to the input data. The
    algorithms were also tested on real ultrasound data of a cryogel
    phantom comprising metallic electrode.},
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