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annote =      {We have developed an application for extrinsic camera
                  calibration from the data acquired by the LIDAR
                  scanner. Since the raw range images from the LIDAR
                  scanner do not possess enough detail, we processed
                  the range images to highlight edges and corners and
                  allow the operator to create correspondences between
                  the world points and the image points. We have also
                  developed a technique for local correction of the
                  correspondences in case the operator makes a slight
                  mistake. The application is implemented as a node in
                  Robot Operating System (ROS). We have performed
                  experiments on a mobile robot intended for urban
                  search and rescue. We experimentally show that the
                  application can be used outside the laboratory to
                  quickly calibrate a new camera in the system or
                  recalibrate an already present camera. That is a big
                  advantage compared to the present tools available in
                  ROS that usually require the use of special
                  calibration patterns and are restricted to the
                  laboratory environment only.},
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