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  annote =      {This work deals with the on-line recognition of
    hand-drawn graphical sketches with structure. We present a novel
    approach, in which the search for a suitable interpretation of the
    input is formulated as a combinatorial optimization task -- the
    max-sum problem. The recognition pipeline consists of two main
    stages. First, groups of strokes possibly representing symbols of
    a sketch (symbol candidates) are segmented and relations between
    them are detected. Second, a combination of symbol candidates best
    fitting the input is chosen by solving the optimization
    problem. We focused on flowchart recognition.  Training and
    testing of our method was done on a freely available benchmark
    database. We correctly segmented and recognized 82.7 prec. of the
    symbols having 31.5 prec. of the diagrams recognized without any
    error. It indicates that our approach has promising potential and
    can compete with the state-of-the-art methods.},
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