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  annote = {We pose robust matching with parametric and non-parametric
    constraints as the problem of finding a stable independent set
    (SIS) in an oriented graph whose vertices are all possible
    correspondences, whose edges capture the structure of the
    constraints and whose edge orientation represents pairwise
    comparison 'is better' based on correspondence quality, including
    the uncertainty of this comparison. We show SIS possess
    properties of both robustness and weak optimality.  The main
    contribution of this paper is algorithmic speedup that results
    from exploiting the dependence between the standard uniqueness
    constraint and the parametric constraint. The general theory is
    demonstrated on the example of image stitching using homography
    model.  The algorithm needs at most kN^2 calls of a procedure
    testing if two ellipse correspondences are consistent with a
    general homography.  The previous known SIS algorithm needed
    $O(N^4)$ tests.  Experiments show the method gives good results
    and is fast in practice with k ~ 0.3.},
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