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  annote = {In this paper we present new efficient solutions to the
    absolute pose problems for cameras with unknown focal length and
    unknown focal length and radial distortion from four 2D-to-3D
    point correspondences. We propose to solve these problems
    separately for non-planar and for planar scenes. By decomposing
    the problems into these two situations we obtain simpler and more
    efficient solvers than the previously known general solvers. We
    demonstrate in synthetic and real experiments significant speedup
    of our solvers. Especially our new solvers for absolute pose
    problem for camera with unknown focal length and radial distortion
    are about 40 x (non-planar) and 160 x (planar) faster than the
    general solver. Moreover, we show that our specific solvers can be
    joined into new general solvers, based on performing either planar
    or non-planar solver according to the scene structure or
    performing both solvers simultaneously and selecting the better
    result. Such joined solvers give comparable or even better results
    than the existing general solvers for planar as well as non-planar
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