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  annote = {A number of minimal problems of structure from motion for
    cameras with radial distortion have recently been studied and
    solved in some cases. These problems are known to be numerically
    very challenging and in several cases there exist no known
    practical algorithm yielding solutions in floating point
    arithmetic. We make some crucial observations concerning the
    floating point implementation of Gr\"{o}bner basis computations
    and use these new insights to formulate fast and stable algorithms
    for two minimal problems with radial distortion previously solved
    in exact rational arithmetic only: (i) simultaneous estimation of
    essential matrix and a common radial distortion parameter for two
    partially calibrated views and six image point correspondences and
    (ii) estimation of fundamental matrix and two different radial
    distortion parameters for two uncalibrated views and nine image
    point correspondences. We demonstrate on simulated and real
    experiments that these two problems can be efficiently solved in
    floating point arithmetic.  },
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