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   annote = {In many retrieval, object recognition and wide baseline
     stereo methods, correspondences of interest points (distinguished
     regions, transformation covariant points) are established
     possibly sublinearly by matching a compact descriptor such as
     SIFT. We show that a subsequent cosegmentation process coupled
     with a quasi-optimal sequential decision process leads to a
     correspondence verification procedure that has (i) high precision
     (is highly discriminative) (ii) good recall and (iii) is fast.
     The sequential decision on the correctness of a correspondence is
     based on trivial attributes of a modified dense stereo matching
     algorithm. The attributes are projected on a prominent
     discriminative direction by SVM.  Wald's sequential probability
     ratio test is performed for SVM projection computed on
     progressively larger co-segmented regions.  Experimentally we
     show that the process significantly outperforms the standard
     correspondence selection process based on SIFT distance ratios on
     challenging matching problems.},
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