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  ANNOTE       = {The scene flow in binocular stereo setup is
                  estimated using a seed growing algorithm. A pair of
                  calibrated and synchronized cameras observe a scene
                  and output a sequence of images. The algorithm
                  jointly computes a disparity map between the stereo
                  images and optical flow maps between consecutive
                  frames. Having the calibration, this is a
                  representation of the scene flow, i.e. a 3D velocity
                  vector is associated with each reconstructed 3D
                  point. The proposed algorithm starts from
                  correspondence seeds and propagates the
                  correspondences to the neighborhood. It is accurate
                  for complex scenes with large motion and produces
                  temporally coherent stereo disparity and optical
                  flow results. The algorithm is fast due to inherent
                  search space reduction. See this CVPR'11 paper for
                  more details.},
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