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    Annote = {{A real-time algorithm for accurate localization of
                  facial landmarks in a single monocular image is
                  proposed. The algorithm is formulated as an
                  optimization problem, in which the sum of responses
                  of local classifiers is maximized with respect to
                  the camera pose by fit ting a generic (not a person
                  specific) 3D model. The algorithm simultaneously
                  estimates a head position and orientation and
                  detects the facial landmarks in the image. Despite
                  being local, we show that the basin of attraction is
                  large to the extent it can be initialized by a
                  scannin g window face detector. Other experiments on
                  standard datasets demonstrate that the proposed a
                  lgorithm outperforms a state-of-the-art landmark
                  detector especially for non-frontal face imag es,
                  and that it is capable of reliable and stable
                  tracking for large set of viewing angles.}},
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