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  annote =      {It is suggested how a Markov random field can be used
    for object tracking with context information. The tracking is
    formulated as a two layer process. In the first phase, the image
    is represented by a set of feature points which are tracked by a
    standard tracker. In the second phase, the proposed
    semi-supervised learning and labeling algorithm is used to label
    the points to three classes -- object, background and companion.
    The object state (pose) is defined by the set of points labeled as
    the object. The companion represents the object context and
    contains non-object points with a motion similar to the motion of
    the object.  As initialization, labels of the object points only
    are provided by a user in the very first frame. The appearance and
    motion models of the three classes and the labels of the remaining
    points in the whole video sequence are estimated in a GrabCut
    fashion. We show that the use of the companion class together with
    a 3D (space-time) Markov random field helps to identify object
    points behind full occlusions or under strong appearance changes.},
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