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project =     {GACR P202/12/2071},
annote =      {The thesis describes an implementation of a method
               estimating the hart beat rate based on analysis of color
               changes measured in a video of a human face. We use a 3D
               facial landmark tracker that allows to extract a stable
               region on a face needed to acquire a robust measurement of
               the color changes. A simple model is proposed to
               approximate a linear projection of the color signal by
               sinus function superimposed on a line. The unknown
               parameters of the model are estimated by the least squarest
               method which has a closed from solution for fixed heart
               beat rate. The proposed method is implemented partially in
               C++ and Matlab and it runs real time on a common PC.
               Another contribution of the thesis is a database of 43
               videos containing human 8 subjects annotated with their
               heart beat rate measured by a precise contact method. The
               proposed method evaluated on the benchmark provides
               estimate of the heart rate with average deviation 5.25 BPM
               from the ground truth annotation. },
keywords =    {heart beat rate estimation, face recognition, biometrics},