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  annote = {We are developing a complex computer aided diagnosis (CAD)
    system to detect small pulmonary nodules from helical CT
    scans. Here we present a classifier to reduce the number of
    false positive responses of the primary detector. Our approach is
    based on an asymmetric Adaboost which enables us to give
    different weights to missed nodules (false negatives, FNs)
    and incorrectly detected structures (false positives, FPs). This
    is useful because there are noticeably more negative examples in
    the nodule candidate set than real nodules--true positives
    (TPs). The whole system is meant as a second opinion for a~human
    radiologist to speed up reading the examination. That is why we
    should detect as many true nodules as possible, while a certain
    number of FPs is acceptable. The system was tested on 147 cases
    (36559 slices) containing 357 nodules marked by an expert
    radiologist. The new classifier significantly
    reduced the number of false positives, while only a few nodules
    were incorrectly omitted.},
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