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  annote = {Stable Wave Detector (SWD) is a new multiscale landmark
    detector in the intensity image. SWD belongs to a group of
    interest-point-like operators aiming at detecting repeatedly
    distinguished entities regardless of their semantics. The speed
    and the robustness of landmark detection and the precision of
    landmark localization are main issues. The target landmarks are
    blobs which correspond to local maxima/minima of intensity
    (positive and negative peaks). The detector is based on the phase
    of the first harmonic wave in the moving window. The localization
    is a result of an integral transformation rather than a
    derivative. Thus, the blob detector is inherently robust to
    noise. The SWD provides subpixel localization of blobs together
    with the estimate of its precision, the measure of the
    strength/significance and the estimate of the size/scale for each
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