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  annote       ={The Crossed-Slits (X-Slits) camera is defined by two
                 nonintersecting slits, which replace the pinhole in
                 the common perspective camera. Each point in space is
                 projected to the image plane by a ray which passes
                 through the point and the two slits. The X-Slits
                 projection model includes the pushbroom camera as a
                 special case. In addition, it describes a certain
                 class of panoramic images, which are generated from
                 sequences obtained by translating pinhole cameras.
                 In this paper we develop the epipolar geometry of the
                 XSlits projection model. We show an object which is
                 similar to the fundamental matrix; our matrix,
                 however, describes a quadratic relation between
                 corresponding image points (using the Veronese
                 mapping). Similarly the equivalent of epipolar lines
                 are conics in the image plane. Unlike the pinhole
                 case, epipolar surfaces do not usually exist in the
                 sense that matching epipolar lines lie on a single
                 surface; we analyze the cases when epipolar surfaces
                 exist, and characterize their properties. Finally, we
                 demonstrate the matching of points in pairs of
                 X-Slits panoramic images.},
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