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  annote={Accurate detection of liver lesions is of great importance
                  in hepatic surgery planning.  Recent studies have
                  shown that the detection rate of liver lesions is
                  significantly higher in gadoxetic acid-enhanced
                  magnetic resonance imagin than in contrast-enhanced
                  portal-phase computed tomography (CT); however, the
                  latter remains essential because of its high
                  specificity, good performance in estimating liver
                  volumes and better vessel visibility. To
                  characterize liver lesions using both the above
                  image modalities, we propose a multimodal nonrigid
                  registration framework using organ-focused mutual
                  information (OF-MI). This proposal tries to improve
                  mutual information (MI) based registration by adding
                  spatial information, benefiting from the
                  availability of expert liver segmentation in
                  clinical protocols.},
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