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  annote =      {We introduce a localization and mapping approach
    suitable for a humanoid robot Nao. The proposed method is using
    data acquired from a single VGA camera, mounted on the head of the
    robot. It combines two different approaches together to create a
    detailed map and accurately locate the robot. Firstly, we present
    a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technique (SLAM) based on
    a sparse 3D point cloud reconstruction. Secondly, we investigate
    the possibilities of enriching the created map by the detection of
    special markers. Moreover, we describe the options of using the
    special markers to directly navigate the robot.  The main benefit
    of our method is in the fact we are using only basic equipment of
    the robot Nao (no extra devices are needed e.g. external cameras)
    and we do not need high number of special markers in the scene. We
    use them to specify the created map. Thus, the method will not
    fail when no marker is detected. The accuracy of our method is
    tested using a robotic simulation environment Webots and the
    robustness is verified on a real robot Nao. The results show that
    our approach makes it possible to safely navigate the robot Nao.},
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