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  annote = {The document is intended to be a user's guied of the
    Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox (abbreviated
    STPRtool). The STPRtool is a collection of pattern recognition
    (PR) methods implemented in Matlab. The core of the STPRtool is
    comprised of statistical PR algorithms described in the monograph
    Schlesinger, M.I., Hlav{\'a}{\v c}, V: Ten Lectures on
    Statistical and Structural Pattern Recognition, Kluwer Academic
    Publishers, 2002. We tried to create concise and complete
    documentation of the STPRtool. This document and associated help
    files in .html should give all information and parameters
    the user needs when she/he likes to call appropriate method
    (typically a Matlab m-file). The intention was not to write
    another textbook. If the user does not know the method then she/he
    will likely have to read the description of the method in a
    referenced original paper or in a textbook. },
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