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  annote = {The aim of this work is to localize a query photograph by finding other images dep
icting the same place in a large geotagged image database. This is a challenging task due to c
hanges in viewpoint, imaging conditions and the large size of the image database. The contribu
tion of this work is two-fold. First, we cast the place recognition problem as a classificatio
n task and use the available geotags to train a classifier for each location in the database i
n a similar manner to per-exemplar SVMs in object recognition. Second, as only few positive tr
aining examples are available for each location, we propose a new approach to calibrate all th
e per-location SVM classifiers using only the negative examples. The calibration we propose re
lies on a significance measure essentially equivalent to the p-values classically used in stat
istical hypothesis testing. Experiments are performed on a database of 25,000 geotagged street
 view images of Pittsburgh and demonstrate improved place recognition accuracy of the proposed
 approach over the previous work.},
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