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  annote =	 {Current collision mitigation systems focus on rear end
                  collisions. To address the full spectrum of real world
                  accidents, these systems will have to be enhanced to cover
                  more traffic situations. Vehicle to vehicle accidents in
                  crossing traffic situations make up around 25% of accidents
                  in Germany. This paper discusses the requirements and
                  differences compared to rear-end collisions. Presented here
                  is an action concept that takes into account how the impact
                  configuration is changed by breaking the host (impacting)
                  vehicle. Based on this concept the requirements for the
                  detection of crossing traffic were derived. These
                  requirements were met by developing a video system based on
                  a monocular wide field of view camera. It is further shown
                  how this action concept and sensor were integrated into a
                  demonstrator vehicle and evaluated in full scale testing. },
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