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annote={The need to relate measurements made by a camera to a
                  different known coordinate syste m arises in many
                  engineering applications. Historically, it appeared
                  for the first time in the connection with cameras
                  mounted on robotic systems. This problem is commonly
                  known as hand-ey e calibration. In this paper, we
                  present several formulations of hand-eye calibration
                  that lea d to multivariate polynomial optimization
                  problems. We show that the method of convex linear m
                  atrix inequality (LMI) relaxations can be used to
                  effectively solve these problems and to obta in
                  globally optimal solutions. Further, we show that
                  the same approach can be used for the sim ultaneous
                  hand-eye and robot-world calibration. Finally, we
                  validate the proposed solutions us ing both
                  synthetic and real datasets.},
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                  inequality;coordinate system;end-effector; global
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