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annote =      {The advantages of vision-guided robots are widely
    recognized in industry and any improvement in the field has a
    lagre practical impact.  First, we present state of the art in
    globally optimal algorithms in computer vision. The main
    mathematical aproaches that can be noticed in the field are
    discussed: polynomial methods, quasi-convex optimization,
    branch-and-bound al- gorithm and convex relaxation schemes.  Next,
    we review the problem of camera-robot calibration. The Hand-Eye
    and Robot-World calibrations are presented and the problem of
    vision-aided calibration is formulated.  The main goal of the
    thesis is to apply and augment the methods of computer vision in
    the field of vision-aided robotics and to present a practical
    global optimiza- tion technique for vision-aided robot
    calibration.  },
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