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    reconstruction problem. Surfaces which do not have direct support
    in the input 3D point cloud and hence need not be photo-consistent
    but represent real parts of the scene (e.g. low-textured walls,
    windows, cars) are important for achieving complete
    reconstructions. We augmented the existing Labatut CGF 2009 method
    with the ability to cope with these difficult surfaces just by
    changing the t-edge weights in the construction of surfaces by a
    minimal s-t cut. Our method uses Visual-Hull to reconstruct the
    difficult surfaces which are not sampled densely enough by the
    input 3D point cloud. We demonstrate importance of these surfaces
    on several real-world data sets. We compare our improvement to our
    implementation of the Labatut CGF 2009 method and show that our
    method can considerably better reconstruct difficult surfaces
    while preserving thin structures and details in the same quality
    and computational time.},
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