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  annote   = { Our task is to segment bones from 3D CT and MRI
    images. The main application is creation of 3D mesh models for
    finite element modeling. These surface and volume vector models
    can be used for further biomechanical processing and analysis. We
    selected a novel fast level set method because of its high
    computational efficiency, while preserving all advantages of
    traditional level set methods. Unlike in traditional level set
    methods, we are not solving partial differential equations
    (PDEs). Instead, the contours are represeted by two sets of
    points, corresponding to the inner and outer edge of the object
    boundary. We have extended the original implementation in 3D,
    where the speed advantage over classical level set segmentation
    are even more pronounced. We can segment a CT image of 512x512x125
    in less than 20s by this method. It is approximately two orders of
    magnitude faster than standard narrow band algorithms. Our
    experiments with real 3D CT and MRI images presented in this paper
    showed high ability of the fast level set algorithm to solve
    complex segmentation problems. },
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