IS = { zkontrolovano 30 Dec 2008 },
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  annote = {Our task is to segment a temporomandibular (TM) disk from
    MRI images of a human head during jaw opening and closure. It is a
    relatively difficult problem because the TM disk movement is very
    complicated and its shape changes significantly during the
    motion. The segmentation results can be used for clinical
    diagnostics and further modeling using the finite element
    method. We have selected a novel fast discrete level set method
    because of its hight computational efficiency due to discrete
    contours representation by two sets of points, corresponding to
    the inner and outer edge of object boundary, while preserving all
    advantages of traditional level set techniques. This technical
    report describes our first approach to the TM disk segmentation
    and is aimed at the proposed method segmentation ability and
    results evaluation. We have explained problems we have met and
    offered some solutions. At the end of the report, we describe the
    proposed improvements for the enhacements of the segmentation
    results. We were able to successfully segment several MRI images
    of TM disks despite their relatively low-quality and our
    experimental results are very promising.},
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