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                  soustavy ur{\v c}en{\'e} pro d{\'a}lkov{\'e} 
  e_title =	 {Control system proposal for multistage stabilization of
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  annote = {Tato zpr{\'a}va popisuje n{\'a}vrh z{\'a}kladn{\' i}
    struktury {\v r}{\' i}dic{\' i}ho syst{\'e}mu v{\' \i}cestup{\v
    n}ov{\'e} stabilizace optoelektronick{\'e} soustavy pro
    d{\'a}lkov{\'e} pozorov{\'a}n{\' \i}. Syst{\'e}m inerci{\'a}ln{\'
    \i} stabilizace realizuje rychlou zp{\v e}tnou vazbu, kter{\'a}
    udr{\v z}uje st{\'a}l{\'y} sm{\v e}r pozorov{\'a}n{\' \i}
    v{\accent23u}{\v c}i glob{\'a}ln{\' \i} sou{\v r}adn{\'e}
    soustav{\v e}, na z{\'a}klad{\v e} {\' u}daj{\accent23u} z
    inerci{\'a}ln{\' \i}ch sn{\' \i}ma{\v c}{\accent23u}. Druhou
    sou{\v c}{\'a}st{\' \i} syst{\'e}mu je syst{\'e}m obrazov{\'e}
    zp{\v e}tn{\'e} vazby, kter{\'y} zji{\v s}{\'t}uje
    sledov{\'a}n{\'\i} vybran{\'e}ho objektu na z{\'a}klad{\v e}
    informac{\' \i} z obrazu poskytovan{\'e}ho kamerou pro
  e_annote = {This report describes structure of multiple level
    stabilisation system for optoelectronic surveillance system which is
    designed for remote observation. Inertial stabilisation system
    realizes quick feedback, which controls a direction of observation
    in global coordinate system. Inertial stabilisation is based on
    data from inertial sensors. System of image based stabilisation is
    second part of the system. Image based stabilisation provides
    tracking of a selected object based on information from video
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