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  annote = {In this paper we provide new simple closed-form solutions
    to two minimal absolute pose problems for the case of known
    vertical direction.  In the first problem we estimate absolute
    pose of a calibrated camera from two 2D-3D correspondences and a
    given vertical direction. In the second problem we assume camera
    with unknown focal length and radial distortion and estimate its
    pose together with the focal length and the radial distortion from
    three 2D-3D correspondences and a given vertical direction. The
    vertical direction can be obtained either by direct physical
    measurement by, e.g., gyroscopes and inertial measurement units or
    from vanishing points constructed in images. Both our problems
    result in solving one polynomial equation of degree two in one
    variable and one, respectively two, systems of linear equations
    and can be efficiently solved in a closed-form. By evaluating our
    algorithms on synthetic and real data we demonstrate that both our
    solutions are fast, efficient and numerically stable.},
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