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  annote = {In this paper we solve the problem of estimating the
    relative pose between a robot's gripper and a camera mounted
    rigidly on the gripper in situations where the rotation of the
    gripper w.r.t. the robot global coordinate system is not known. It
    is a variation of the so called hand-eye calibration problem. We
    formulate it as a problem of seven equations in seven unknowns and
    solve it using the Gr\"{o}obner basis method for solving systems
    of polynomial equations. This enables us to calibrate from the
    minimal number of two relative movements and to provide the first
    exact algebraic solution to the problem. Further, we describe a
    method for selecting the geometrically correct solution among the
    algebraically correct ones computed by the solver. In contrast to
    the previous iterative methods, our solution works without any
    initial estimate and has no problems with error
    accumulation. Finally, by evaluating our algorithm on both
    synthetic and real scene data we demonstrate that it is fast,
    noise resistant, and numerically stable.},
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