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                  orientation of a camera from a set of 2D-to-3D point
                  correspondences is one of the most important
                  problems in computer vision with a broad range of
                  applications. In this paper we present a new
                  solution to the absolute pose problem for camera
                  with unknown radial distortion and unknown focal
                  length from five 2D-to-3D point correspondences. Our
                  new solver is numerically more stable, more
                  accurate, and significantly faster than the existing
                  state-of-the-art minimal four point absolute pose
                  solvers for this problem. Moreover, our solver
                  results in less solutions and can handle larger
                  radial distortions. The new solver is
                  straightforward and uses only simple concepts from
                  linear algebra. Therefore it is simpler than the
                  state-of-the-art Groebner basis solvers. We compare
                  our new solver with the existing state-of-the art
                  solvers and show its usefulness on synthetic and
                  real datasets.},
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