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                  has numerous practical applications. We present an
                  algorithm based on double multiresolution structure
                  of warp and image spaces. Tuning a so-called scale
                  parameter controls the coarseness of the grid by
                  which the deformation is described and also the
                  amount of implicit regularization. The application
                  of our algorithm deals with undoing unidirectional
                  non-linear geometrical distortion of echo-planar
                  images (EPI) caused by local magnetic field
                  inhomogeneities induced mainly by the subject
                  presence. The unwarping is based on registering the
                  EPI images with corresponding undistorted anatomical
                  MRI images. We present evaluation of our method
                  using a wavelet-based random Sobolev-type
                  deformation generator as well as other experimental
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