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                  multidimensional intensity-based image registration
                  with a~parametric model of the deformation. It is
                  fully automatic in its default mode of operation. In
                  the case of hard real-world problems, it is capable
                  of accepting expert hints in the form of soft
                  landmark constraints. Much fewer landmarks are
                  needed and the results are far superior compared to
                  pure landmark registration. Particular attention has
                  been paid to the factors influencing the speed of
                  this algorithm. The B-spline deformation model is
                  shown to be computationally more efficient than
                  other alternatives. The algorithm has been
                  successfully used for several 2D and 3D registration
                  tasks in the medical domain, involving MRI, SPECT,
                  CT, and ultrasound image modalities. We also present
                  experiments in a~controlled environment, permitting
                  an exact evaluation of the registration
                  accuracy. Test deformations are generated
                  automatically using a~random hierarchical fractional
                  wavelet-based generator.},
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