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  annote = {We propose a tracking algorithm for multicamera system
    based on Sequential Monte Carlo Method. The Main benefits are
    resistivity against occlusions in the observed scene caused by
    using multicamera system and usability for large family of the
    tracked object. The essential part of the tracker are Similarity
    measures. We propose one based on Normalized Cross-Correlation and
    two based on histogram matching. Their properties were examined in
    experiments. The results allow separation of the features of the
    tracked object and consequently division of the tracking into two
    separate stages. In the first the position is searched and in the
    second the orientation. This increases the efficiency of the whole
    process. We have made experiments to verify the ability of the
    algorithm to track and to examine the limitations of the used
    method. The system provide robust tracking but has problems with
    fast movement and small size of the tracked object. The results of
    all experiments are on the provided CD-ROM with source codes of
    the tracking algorithm.},
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