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  annote =       {It is known that the relative camera pose estimation is
                  biased, e.g., due to noise in image correspondences. This
                  bias prevents pairwise reconstructions from accurate
                  alignment when estimating the multiview reconstruction. This
                  work proposes a new method for making the relative camera
                  poses more consistent. New constraints on transitivity of
                  relative rotations, translations and their combination are
                  proposed. An optimization based on the bundle adjustment
                  starts with relative poses consistent with pairwise image
                  measurements. The transitivity constraints are enforced
                  gradually by enlarging their weights. Since the enlarging is
                  done gradually, the relative poses are kept consistent with
                  the data during the whole optimization, preventing so
                  falling into distant local minima. The technique is
                  demonstrated on difficult wide base-line image sets to
                  provide lower residuals and more accurate reconstructions.},
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