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annote =      {Zpr{\'a}va popisuje n{\'a}vrh algoritmu pro vytvo{\v
                  r}en{\'i} simulovan{\'e} f otografie tv{\'a}{\v r}e
                  zkouman{\'e} osoby z~jej{\'i}ho 3D modelu vhodn{\'e}
                  pro vizu{\'a}ln{ \'i} antropometrick{\'e}
                  porovn{\'a}n{\'i} s~fotografi{\'i} spornou. Je
                  tak{\'e} {\v r}e{\v s} en probl{\'e}m odstran{\v
                  e}n{\'i} radi{\'a}ln{\'i}ho zkreslen{\'i}, kter{\'e}
                  negativn{\v e} ovliv{\v n}uje toto
                  porovn{\'a}n{\'i}.  D{\'a}le popisuje n{\'a}vrh
                  algoritmu pro kvantitativn{\'i} porovn{\'a}n{\'i}
                  sporn{\'e} fotog rafie a 3D modelu na z{\'a}klad{\v
                  e} m{\v e}{\v r}en{\'i} vzd{\'a}lenost{\'i}
                  v{\'u}znamn{\'u }ch bod{\accent23 u} ve 2D a ve 3D a
                  prezentuje experiment{\'a}ln{\'i} ov{\v e}{\v
                  r}en{\'i} n a re{\'a}ln{\'u}ch datech.  Algoritmy
                  jsou implementov{\'a}ny jako softwarov{\'a} aplikace
                  v~syst{\'e}mu Matlab, kter{\'a} je zde
                  pops{\'a}na. Vlastn{\'i} aplikace je p{\v
                  r}{\'i}lohou t{\'e}to zpr{\'a}vy.},
e_annote =    {We describe a method for creating simulated image of a
                  person's face using a 3D model, such that the image
                  is suitable for visual anthropometric comparison
                  with a reference photograph. The work also deals
                  with the problem of radial distortion rectification,
                  since thi s distortion influences a visual
                  comparison.  An algorithm for quantitative
                  comparison between a reference photograph and the
                  model is also proposed. The algorithm is based on
                  measuring forward and back-projected correspondence
                  errors in 2D and 3D, respectively. Experimental
                  evaluation on real data is also presented.  The
                  functionality is implemented as a user software
                  running under Matlab system, documented in this
                  report. The software supplements the report.},
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