author =       {Mazan{\' y}, Ond{\v r}ej},
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  title =        {Articulated {3D} Human Model and its Animation for
                  Testing and Learning the Algorithms of Multi-Camera
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  annote = {This document describes a software package for creating
    realistic simple human animations. The package uses the open
    source 3D modeling software Blender and the scripting language
    Python. The animations generated for several cameras ought to be
    used for testing and learning of tracking algorithms in the
    multi-camera system and anywhere the ground-truth data are
    needed. We made a human skeletal model and designed the way how-to
    animate it by scripts with using motion capture data. The texture
    of 3D human model is obtained from digitally captured
    images. Transformations between computer vision and computer
    graphics are discussed in details. We designed algorithm for
    rigging mesh model with the bones of the skeletal model. Steps of
    the design are covered in this thesis together with the usage of
    the software package. },
  keywords =     {computer vision, 3D model fiting, articulated model,
                  textured 3D model},