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                  and foot-head homology estimation by observing
                  persons standing at several positions in the camera
                  field of view. We demonstrate that human body can be
                  considered as a calibration target thus avoiding
                  special calibration objects or manually established
                  fiducial points. First, by assuming roughly parallel
                  human poses we derive a new constraint which allows
                  to formulate the calibration of internal and
                  external camera parameters as a Quadratic Eigenvalue
                  Problem. Secondly, we couple the calibration with an
                  improved effective integral contour based human
                  detector and use 3D projected models to capture a
                  large variety of person and camera mutual
                  positions. The resulting camera auto-calibration
                  method is very robust and efficient, and thus well
                  suited for surveillance applications where the
                  camera calibration process cannot use special
                  calibration targets and must be simple.},
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