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annote =    {We show that it is possible to obtain a very complete 3D
               metric reconstruction of the surrounding scene from two or
               more uncalibrated omnidirectional images. In particular, we
               demonstrate that omnidirectional images with angle of view
               above 180 degrees can be reliably autocalibrated. We also
               show that wide angle images provide reliable information
               about their camera positions and orientations. We link
               together a method for simultaneous omnidirectional camera
               model and epipolar geometry estimation and a method for
               factorization-based 3D reconstruction in order to obtain
               metric reconstruction of unknown scene observed by
               uncalibrated omnidirectional images. The 3D reconstruction
               is done from automatically established image
               correspondences only. Besides rigidity, no assumptions
               about the scene are made (e.g. presence of a calibration
               object). We demonstrate our method in experiments with
               Nikon FC--E8 and Sigma 8mm-f4-EX fish-eye lenses.
               Nevertheless, the proposed method can be used for a large
               class of non-perspective central omnidirectional cameras.},
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