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  annote = {We propose a novel method for the refinement of Maximally
    Stable Extremal Region (MSER) boundaries to sub-pixel precision by
    taking into account the intensity function in the 2x2 neighborhood
    of the contour points. The proposed method improves the
    repeatability and precision of Local Affine Frames (LAFs)
    constructed on extremal regions.  Additionally, we propose a novel
    method for detection of local curvature extrema on the refined
    contour. Experimental evaluation on publicly available datasets
    shows that matching with the modified LAFs leads to a higher
    number of correspondences and a higher inlier ratio in more than
    80% of the test image pairs. Since the processing time of the
    contour refinement is negligible, there is no reason not to
    include the algorithms as a standard part of the MSER detector and
    LAF constructions.},
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