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annote =      {Wide-baseline matching, focussing on challenging
    problems e.g. with extreme viewpoint change,is considered. We
    introduce the use of view synthesis with affine-covariant
    detectors to solve such problems and show that matching with the
    Hessian-Affine or MSER detectors outperforms the state-of-the-art
    ASIFT. To minimise the loss of speed caused by view synthesis, we
    propose the Matching On Demand with view Synthesis algorithm
    (MODS) that uses progressively more synthesized images and more
    (time-consuming) detectors until reliable estimation of geometry
    is possible. We show experimentally that the MODS algorithm solves
    matching problems beyond the state-of-the-art and yet is
    comparable in speed to standard wide-baseline matchers on simpler
    problems. Minor contributions include an improved method for
    tentative correspondence selection, applicable both with and
    without view synthesis and a discovery of a view synthesis set up
    greatly improving MSER robustness to blur and scale change that
    increase its running time by 10% only.},
keywords =    {matching, wide baseline stereo, MSER, SIFT, extreme views},