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Annote                 = {We explore the performance of the recently
                  proposed two-view image matchin g algorithms using
                  affine view synthesis ASIFT (Morel and Yu, 2009)
                  [14] and MODS (Mishkin, Perdoch and Matas, 2013)
                  [10] on images of objects that do not have
                  significant local texture and that are l ocally not
                  well approximated by planes. Experiments show that
                  view synthesis improves matching resul ts on images
                  of such objects, but the number of useful synthetic
                  views is lower than for planar obje cts
                  matching. The best detector for matching images of
                  3D objects is the Hessian-Affine in the Spars e
                  configuration. The iterative MODS matcher performs
                  comparably confirming it is a robust, generic m
                  ethod for two view matching that performs well for
                  different types of scenes and a wide range of vie
                  wing conditions.},
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