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  annote =	 {The most usual ways of observation of satellites and
                  space debris and measur ement of their orbits are
                  telescopic images, radar reflections, laser
                  measurements. We use two of these three modalities,
                  we combine telescopic images with response of
                  Doppler radars. We u se single images from a
                  terrestrial telescope. Our radar is passive, we
                  receive the signal of a distant terrestrial
                  transmitter. The receiver has a non-directional
                  antenna and only Doppler shift is employed to gain
                  information about an object's movement. Due to
                  sensitivity limitati ons, our approach is applicable
                  to large objects (RCS 5 m2 ) at distances 2000
                  km. Our method requires simultaneous detections by a
                  telescope and a radar during the same fly-over, not
                  nec essarily at exactly the same time.},
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