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                  recognition method is presented. The three main
                  novel features are: (i) keeping multiple
                  segmentations of each character until the very last
                  st age of the processing when the context of each
                  character in a text line is known, (ii) an efficient
                  algori thm for selection of character segmentations
                  minimizing a global criterion, and (iii) showing
                  that, despit e using theoretically scale-invariant
                  methods, operating on a coarse Gaussian scale space
                  pyramid yields i mproved results as many
                  typographical artifacts are eliminated. The method
                  runs in real time and achieves state-of-the-art text
                  localization results on the ICDAR 2011 Robust
                  Reading dataset. Results are also repo rted for
                  end-to-end text recognition on the ICDAR 2011
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