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annote =      {The aim of this thesis is to analyze the state-of-the-art
	       of the currently available cloud services used for online
	       localization of mobile robots performing urban search and
	       rescue missions. Based on this analysis, a robust algorithm
	       for localization of the mobile robot developed as a part of
	       the Natural human-robot cooperation in dynamic environments
	       (NIFTi) project was implemented in the Robot Operating
	       System (ROS). The localization includes mainly the
	       trajectory information in global world coordinates as well
	       as markers corresponding the detected objects of interest.
	       The result is visualized in the online map application. To
	       provide this localization algorithm with the suitable
	       navigation data, a landmark based navigation algorithm was
	       introduced. This relies on the computer vision and is based
	       on the matching feature points between the actual camera
	       view and the previously composed reference cloud of
	       landmarks created locally (extension to the global
	       navigation is discussed). For this purpose, the stateof-
	       the-art techniques such as Structure from Motion,
	       Speeded-Up Robust Features, and the Fast Approximate
	       Nearest Neighbors were used.},
keywords =    {mobile robot, navigation, cloud services, SURF},